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Planning for Retirement as a Teacher or State Employee

Planning for retirement when you’re a teacher or state employee isn’t easy, especially if you work for a public school. You face considerations that private-sector employees don’t, such as when to retire to maximize your benefits and how to select part-time or post-retirement work that doesn’t reduce your retirement benefits from teaching and more. Your unique circumstances mean you’ll need to do extra work to make sure your retirement is secure.

Help Through Your Unique Options

As a teacher or state employee, you are in a unique situation. There are so many variables for teachers and state employees considering retirement – pension plans, years of service, ending salary, percentages determined by the state, access to contribution plans, Social Security – each teacher’s and state employees situation is different, but there are certain strategies you should consider when planning for retirement. We can help.

At Schilreff & Associates, we teach teachers and state employees to help them maximize their assets and their lives; we make things easy to understand and offer options when it comes to products, approaches to investing, insurance and income tax management.

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