Case Studies

Jessica’s Story

Jessica and her husband were on top of the world – they had just welcomed their second child, Mason, into the world, and life was good.  On September 26th, 2011, Jessica received a call that would change their lives forever.  The grim diagnosis:  breast cancer.  Thankfully, Jessica had covered herself with Living Benefits a few years before.  Watch how that decision completely changed their family’s financial outlook, and led to a full recovery for Jessica and her family.

Robert Curry

Robert Curry is a military veteran, father, and husband. He purchased life insurance coverage from National Life Group (an Alliance Group carrier) in order to leave a legacy behind for his family in case he passed away unexpectedly. His plan was to live until age 100 – but an unexpected ALS diagnosis changed Robert’s plans in a hurry. Living Benefits allowed him to retire immediately and take care of some bucket list items that had previously been relegated to the back burner.

Dave Disco

Dave Disco lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife and five children. When he experienced two heart attacks within two weeks, including the two life flight helicopter rides that went with them, he quickly found himself in dire financial straits. Over $150,000 worth of bills piled up in a matter of days. Luckily, Dave was protected with Living Benefits, and was able to accelerate $289,000 from his policy to help pay for those costs.

Joven & Benita

Joven and his wife Benita were living the American Dream until Joven was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma of his left kidney – cancer. Benita was devastated, and went on a leave of absence from her nursing job to take care of her sick husband. Thankfully, Living Benefits allowed her to take the time off work to nurture her husband back to health. That money also helped pay for all of the treatment that Joven required on his way to a full recovery.

Dorothy Ferguson

Dorothy Ferguson had no idea when she bought her policy that she would soon face a life-or-death battle with breast cancer. Listen to how Alliance Group’s Living Benefits helped Dorothy pay for her treatments when her health insurance couldn’t, and make a full recovery as a result.